Banglalink's Values

To be a Pioneer; working at the frontier to unlock new opportunities for customers as they navigate the digital world



  • We bring people together, united by our passion for our customers
  • We work with each other and we respect the time of others
  • We don't look to blame, we look for solutions to problems and we take ownership
  • We partner with others - both internally and externally- in order to achieve more
  • When doing things together, we do them smarter and faster
  • We are a team


  • We never stop. We are always moving, looking for the next disruptive digital ideas
  • We are adventurous and excited about trying new things
  • We are quick to bring new digital products and services to market, always driven by a clear customer needs
  • We don't follow the status quo, we are passionate about creating our own path


  • We are open, honest and demonstrate integrity and respect in all our dealings – both internally and externally
  • We are trustworthy, we keep our promises and admit our mistakes
  • We are focused on upholding the highest level of ethics at all times
  • We set clear expectations and communicate feedback in a transparent and respectful way


  • We have an ownership mentality, demonstrating passion and taking responsibility of the business as if it were our own
  • We are agile and dynamic. We like to push boundaries and explore what's possible. We are not held back by a fear of failure and are always looking to develop new things.
  • We take smart risks, but only when it's in our customers' best interests
  • We lead by example – we do what we say we are going to do


  • We have a passion for our customers – they are at the heart of everything we do
  • We are able to make difficult decisions when we know it's in our customers' best interests
  • We keep an eye on our competitors but it's our customers who are always front of mind
  • We are driven by our customer insight – all our digital innovations are borne out of customers' needs