Corporate Responsibility

Banglalink remains committed in playing its role as a responsible corporate citizen to contribute in making a difference in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. The company undertakes many projects each year for the welfare of community and preservation of the environment. These initiatives consolidated Banglalink’s reputation as forerunner in the corporate social activity. Banglalink social activities include:

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Cleaning Project and International Coastal Cleanup Day

Since 2005, Banglalink has been cleaning Cox’s Bazar sea beach, world’s longest sea beach. Under this project, 26 female workers clean the 3 km long beach 363 days a year in 2 shifts. In addition to that there is another team of 7 males who support to move all the heavy dirt and rubbish away from the beach. Banglalink has been truly making a difference in preventing environmental pollution at cox’s bazar beach and preserving the environment. Moreover, Banglalink is playing a role in increasing awareness among the tourists and encouraging them to join hands in making a difference. This initiative is considered as one of the iconic CSR activities in Bangladesh, which has a far reaching sustainable impact in the community.

To generate further awareness, especially among youth, Banglalink observes ’international coastal cleanup day’ since 2005. Almost 500 volunteers from prominent universities, colleges and different organizations from Dhaka, Chattogram and Cox’s bazaar collaborate to clean the beach- which makes this one of the largest voluntary initiative in the country. Through this initiative, Banglalink aims to make positive change and promote water pollution prevention efforts.

Blanket Donation at Orphanages

Banglalink has been taking the initiative to distribute blankets among the orphan children of many orphanages around the country since 2009. Last year Banglalink distributed 5,000 blankets among the destitute children of 101 orphanages across the country. The districts covered were- Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Barisal, Narayanganj, Mymensingh, and Tangail.

Special Arrangements for Hajj Pilgrims at the Hajj Camp

Banglalink has been taking several initiatives to provide free services to hajj pilgrims since 2009 at hajj camp; the gathering place to depart for hajj. This includes arranging air-conditioned buses for pilgrims, water distribution zones, phone counters for making free phone calls, free charging units etc. Moreover, to further aid the pilgrims, Banglalink provided them with trolleys, signage, information through service & a hajj guide booklet to facilitate quick and easy understanding of the hajj rituals.

Water and Date Distribution & Iftar at Orphanage during Ramadan

Banglalink has been distributing free water and dates for the fasting people since 2009 at major traffic points of selected metro cities for iftar during Ramadan. Banglalink has also been taking initiative of arranging regular iftar & dinner in different orphanages around the country. In 2011, we provided water & dates to almost 85,000 people and iftar and dinner for more than 12,000 orphans of 123 orphanages across the country.

ICT Support for Underprivileged Children with Computer Labs

To eliminate illiteracy and to enlighten the students of our society, Banglalink has successfully set up computer labs in 270 underprivileged schools at different parts of the country in 2011. The computer labs are equipped with pc, laptop, internet modem, multimedia projector, speakers and microphone. Now, the newly established computer lab is offering them a ray of hope. Students can access a lot of activities at these labs. These establishments are transforming lives of students across the country. This initiative is serving the mission of “making a difference” and also aiding the government in realizing the dream of “Digital Bangladesh”.