Mobile Agriculture Service

Banglalink has a range of innovative services for the farmers in Bangladesh. These include a specialist call center based service (Krishi Jigyasha 7676), and a ‘voice-based’ virtual agricultural market place (Krishibazaar (2474)) for buying and selling agricultural products.

Krishi Jigyasha (7676)

Under services for the agricultural development of Bangladesh, Banglalink introduced “Krishi Jigyasha”, an agro solution service for the farmers in Bangladesh. The service is helping the farmers with agriculture related information and solution to thousands of problems. Farmers need to call 7676 from any Banglalink number and get the information they want.

Krishibazaar (2474)

Agriculture, being the lifeblood of Bangladesh is one of the most important sectors that can transform the country towards prosperity by securing food resources and reducing poverty. Banglalink relentlessly works towards portraying a positive Bangladesh and acknowledges the fact that mobile communication can play a revolutionary role to digitalize agriculture.

The problems faced by the farmers of our country mostly take place due to lack of proper information, price syndication and a group of conniving middle men. In most cases, our poverty stricken farmers do not even get the fair value of their hard earned produce. Addressing this issue, Banglalink has come up with a one-of-a-kind solution – “Banglalinkkrishibazaar” which eventually empowers the farmers with important market information and eliminates the middle men.

Krishibazaar is an IVR (interactive voice response) based service that allows customers to-

  • Know the latest market prices of essential agro goods in 18 major markets across the 7 divisions of Bangladesh
  • Find other agro buyers and sellers. Agro buyers and sellers can post or browse their desired agro product info in the service for selling or buying. The seller or buyer can also call up his/her desired seller or buyer instantly by pressing “8” and finalize the deal. The information of the products is available by categories, prices, locations, etc. To make the process easier

Process Details:

Upon dialing “2474” and getting registered, the caller will be asked whether the caller wants to know about market rates of agro goods or visit Krishibazaar. After either of the actions, the system will guide the caller through the channel to either upload the product information of his/her goods or listen to the market rates of his/her preferred market.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only Banglalink numbers will have access to “banglalinkkrishibazaar”
  • The service charge is 30 paisa/10 second (SD, VAT and SC will be applicable)
  • As the information on products are given by callers and third parties, Banglalink has no liability for the contents and information
  • Every recorded information on the products will be available for 7 days
  • Time limit of 15 seconds is suggested for recording in order to keep the process simple and concise
  • The “krishibazaar” registered number should be turned on at all times as the instant call cannot be made if the number is turned off
  • Market rates are updated on a weekly basis
  • For further queries, please call 121