The recent TVC starring Superstar Shakib Khan & Nusrat Faria has already crossed over 15 million views on social media. The response of the TVC is out of expectation.

Banglalink came up with a unique idea where the customers can also dance with their favorite stars. Banglalink recently launched the very first Augmented reality based dance off challenge campaign. Where anybody can dance either with Shakib Khan & Nusrat Faria. The caravan travelled in all the divisions covering more than 25 districts. They were also given chance to take a virtual selfie with their favorite stars and collect the selfies from Banglalink Facebook Page. More than 17,000 people have already taken the challenge. The dance off caravan started on 15th of January and ended on 25th February 2019. Participants also won exiting gifts according to their dance performance.

Apart from this we also went forward with a dance off in TikTok. The engagement was widely appreciated by the online users and we had total 720 video submissions from people covering the dance move. Through this engagement we gained 7,500 followers and nearly 15,000 likes.