Banglalink introduces banglaflix- the largest internet movie library for the first time in bangladesh

[Dhaka, Bangladesh, august 29, 2016]- Movie has always been popular among the youth segment of the society since long. thus to avail the superior video streaming experience, Banglalink, one of the leading digital communications service providers, has introduced banglaflix the largest internet movie library for the first time in bangladesh. Banglaflix will provide high quality video streaming service with exclusive internet data pack bundle. It offers an unlimited video streaming free trial till 10th September 2016. by the end of the trial period, the subscribers can choose different subscription plans that cater their needs. Banglalink subscribers also have an option to buy banglaflix 2GB/4GB data packs to enjoy banglaflix free subscription. this service provides users with high quality video streaming, multiple genres of videos, add to my list option, multiple platforms (app, wap& web), device compatibility, user friendly interface, advantage of seamless watching etc. To download the banglaflix app, visit or visit google play app store or apple app store.

Banglalink wants to connect its subscribers to this digital world of the future and unlock its endless opportunities. Banglaflix is a part of banglalink’s going digital initiative. Banglalink’s endeavor for its subscribers is to make their lives more digitalized and hassle free. Banglaflix will make accessing digital bangla entertainment content easier for users.

Ziaul Hoque Sikder, head of content, banglalink said, “movies and other motion-drama has been a source of entertainment for all ages of people in our country. But due to our busy lives it becomes hard to go to a theater to watch a movie or watch a drama. Banglaflix aims to cater to the people who want entertainment which easily accessible to their most personal mobile devices. We are really happy to be a part of people’s happiness through entertainment.”