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Banglalink mind care– the first ever mobile counseling service in bangladesh

Banglalink, one of the largest telecom operators of the country, has introduced Banglalink mind care- a call center based counseling service for the first time in Bangladesh through which customers can share their psychological issues or any stress resulting from day to day problems and get medical consultancy from expert counselors and clinical psychologists.

Banglalink mind care is a subscription based mobile call center counseling service, where users will get 20 free minutes to consult with experts counselors. The call center is consisting with a combined team of expert counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. Through this service users will get 24/7 counseling from experts via conversation over mobile phone on various psychological issues such as counseling on stress control, counseling on diverse mental disorder and memory & iq enhancing, counseling on child psychology, cognitive development and parenting advice, counseling on quit addiction. To subscribe into “banglalink mind care”, customers can dial 7899 from their mobile phone which will cost tk 15 (exclusive of vat, sd & sc) per week. Besides receiving counseling, subscribers of this service can also get mental health related content over sms by dialing *7899# which are prepared under the supervision of mental health experts.

In addition to providing counseling for various psychological issues, “banglalink mind care” also aims to disseminate information and build awareness about child autism and adolescence counseling.

Ziaul Hoque Sikder, head of content, marketing, Banglalink said, “we always focused on introducing innovative products and services in the market, in line with our promise to “start something new”. According to a joint research conducted by who and ministry of health & family welfare of Bangladesh we came to know that, about 16.05% of the adult population in the country is suffering from various mental illnesses. The total number of experts working for mental health facilities per 100,000 persons is 0.49 only. These statistics has inspired us to become the pioneer in introducing this unique service for our customers to help them in actual life and we are really proud to make it happen.”