Banglalink launches Electronic SIM registration process across the country

Another step towards digitalization

Dhaka, 3 September, 2018:  Banglalink, one of the leading digital communications service providers in Bangladesh, has launched electronic and paperless SIM registration process, an initiative taken by the Government to digitalize the registration of mobile subscribers across the country.

As a consequence of this initiative, the registration process will no longer require any paper works, which will result in an overall simplification of the entire procedure. Furthermore, the paperless registration process will enhance the security of subscribers’ personal information.

Erik Aas, CEO, Banglalink said, “Banglalink welcomes the Government’s initiative to introduce electronic and paperless SIM registration process. This initiative will play a remarkable role in simplifying the registration process of mobile subscribers along with strengthening the security of their personal information. Since the initiative will virtually eliminate the use of papers in the registration, it is an exemplary Green initiative as well. We believe that it is a great advancement towards the digitalization of the country.”

Banglalink is committed to working as a trusted partner of the Government for facilitating the digitalization of the country, and will play a pioneering role in digitalizing Bangladesh by building a robust digital infrastructure in the country.