Become A Supplier

Supplier’s Enlistment Portal

Banglalink is a firm believer of continuous improvement and as a part of enhancing our working relationship with our valued business partners, we welcome you to the Supplier Enlistment Portal.

The portal is aimed at providing potential new suppliers to show their interest and obtain access to a range of information, documents, applications and tools to be conduct business with Banglalink.

The main features of this portal are:

  • 24/7 submission
  • End to End tracking 
  • No hard copy except VAT challan
  • Email notification
  • Submission from anywhere

How to use this portal?

To use this portal, subscriber need the following documents (based in the business type) to register their business in the portal:

  1. Company Profile
  2. VAT / BIN Registration Certificate
  3. Trade license
  4. National ID card
  5. TIN certificate
  6. Memorandum / Articles of Association (MOA), in case of company
  7.  Audit balance sheet, if applicable
  8. Certificate of Incorporation (for Limited Company Only)
  9. Partnership deed (for Partnership entities)
  10. Other relevant documents


The enlistment is subject to registration and approval, accessibility can be fully customized to ensure that individual suppliers can obtain the information and tools that are relevant to them, and to their individual trading relationship with Banglalink.

The right of communication, entity participation and award entirely depend on Banglalink’s decision. All rights to deal with and preserve the information shared in this portal in any form and manner is reserved by Banglalink within the internal policy.

The registration or submission of information in this portal is not an assurance/guarantee in any way of any business relationship with Banglalink.

Please click here if you would like to proceed with the registration