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e-Invoice Portal

Banglalink is a firm believer of continuous improvement and as a part of enhancing our working relationship with our valued business partners, we have introduced this E-Invoicing portal. This is an online invoice submission portal which enables our partners to submit invoices.

To submit invoices, you need to register in E-invoicing portal. Please register in the portal with your valid “Supplier ID’ that has been provided by Banglalink while vendor enlistment process. Set a password of your own choice and don’t share this password with anyone. Once you are registered in the system, you can submit your invoice through this portal. The main features of this portal are –

  • 24/7 invoice submission
  • End to End tracking (invoice submission to payment)
  • No hard copy except VAT challan
  • Email notification
  • Submission from anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions -

  • Do I need to register in the portal?

Yes, initially you need to register in the portal with your supplier ID, provided by Banglalink. Once you register and set your password, you can submit your invoices.

  • What are the documents I can upload in the Portal?

You can upload your commercial invoices, PO copies & VAT Challan. You can submit scanned copy of documents in the portal. Please note that, for VAT challan you need to obtain sign & seal from BL Tax department before submitting any invoice through this portal. If you need to upload any further relevant documents other than the document mentioned above, you can upload them in “Other documents” section.

  • Is there any other way to submit invoices?

No, you cannot submit invoice through any other means. Once you submit your invoices through this online portal, you do not need to submit your invoice hard copy. But you must preserve your original hard copy invoices, copy of VAT challan, original PO, original GRN and other relevant documents at least for 12 years.

  • Can I track my submitted invoice?

Yes, you can. Once you submit your invoice, you will get a tracking number through which you can track your invoice anytime.

  • Do I need to submit the invoice hardcopy after Online Submission?

No, you do not need to submit documents’ hardcopy other than VAT Challan. After submitting the VAT challan through this portal, you will have to submit original VAT challan to BL Tax department within 3 working days. Other documents must be preserved for at least 6 years.

Please click the link below to log in / register in the portal:

Vendor Management Portal