About Banglalink International Roaming

  1. For Personal Users:

A new user for availing international roaming needs to present the following:


  • Any Banglalink Postpaid connection (excluding Call & Control) with ISD facility
  • International credit card with 3 months validity for paying bills
  • Security deposit (as per company policy)

Highly Recommended

  • Auto bill payment authorization form
  • Or, photocopy of credit card (only if customer declines to take auto bill payment option)
  1. For Corporate Users:

The corporate users need the following:


  • Company authorized person need to sign on the roaming subscription form authorizing the user of the mobile to avail international roaming
  • The user also need to agree to settle all roaming deposit & bills from his/her international credit card by signing the roaming subscription form

Not Required

  • Passport
  • National ID
  • Security Deposit

Procedure for Availing Banglalink International Roaming

  • Gather all the required documents,
  • Visit any of our customer care center and ask assistance from our customer care representatives. Our customer care representative will guide you through the process of activating roaming service
  • Set yourself free to roam all over the world

Selecting the Correct Network While Roaming

a. Automatic Network Selection: 
If your handset has automatic network selection enabled, follow these steps:

  • Just turn your handset on, and wait for the handset to select any of the available network(s)
  • When the handset shows the name of any available network of the country you are visiting, your phone is ready to make/receive calls

b. Manual Network Selection: 
In case there is a delay in selecting a network, please try manual network selection. Manual search is faster and easier than automatic search. Also if you want to use GPRS you have to select a GPRS enabled network. To select a network manually follow the below steps:

Automatic Configuration:

Waiting for your phone log on to the Banglalink network > preferred operator logo would appear when you are connected to the network.

Note: Dialing while roaming is slightly different than while you are in Bangladesh. Please check the below section on instructions on how to dial while roaming.

Making calls while abroad

To call mobile(s) of visiting country: dial the desired mobile number.

To call a land phone in the visiting country: dial <area code><phone number>

To call back to Bangladesh:

To call a mobile in Bangladesh: dial <+88><mobile number>
Example:  to call 01950111111 while roaming, you have to dial +8801950111111

To call a land phone in Dhaka, Bangladesh: dial <+8802><land phone number>
Example: To call a land phone number (9888370) while roaming you have to dial +88029888370

To call any country: dial <+><country code><phone number> (omit the leading zero if the destination is a mobile number)

Please use the following website for any dialing tools: www.numberingplans.com/?page=dialling&sub=instructions 

Roaming Charging Principle

Roaming call charges depends on the operator you are using. The visited mobile network charges special rates on calls, SMS as well as GPRS usage. We simply bill you according to these rates adding a small markup. Please also note that, these call rates are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and are exclusive of applicable VAT, taxes, levies of the foreign operator.

When you receive any call while roaming abroad, the call is actually forwarded from Bangladesh to the visiting country. So you will be charged Banglalink local airtime + BTTB international call charge (from Bangladesh to visiting country). This forwarded ISD call will appear in your local bill as Roaming Call Forwarding (RCF).