01. What is Banglalink?
Ans: Banglalink started operations in February 2005. previously, it was a known as Sheba Telecom pvt ltd that had been providing gsm (global service of mobile) services in Bangladesh since 1998. Global telecom (formerly orascom telecom) bought 100% share of Sheba telecom in 2004 and gave its new name as Banglalink.

02. What are the areas covered by Banglalink?
Ans: Banglalink’s network is covering over 99% population of Bangladesh.

03. What are the documents required for buying Banglalink new connection?
Ans: As per instructions from the government of Bangladesh and BTRC (Bangladesh telecommunications regulatory commission) the items that have to be produced while purchasing a new mobile connection are:

  1. Duly fill up new subscription agreement form/registration form
  2. 1 (one) copy of passport size photograph
  3. National ID card. in case of unavailability of NID, customer can submit his /her alternate photo id (any of the below listed):
    • 1. Passport
      2. Driving license
      3. Gun license
      4. Valid student id
      5. Valid office/employee ID
      6. Debit/Credit card (the ones which have pictures)
      7. Valid insurance card with picture
  4. Required information of a referral person (Name, Phone no & National ID number of the referral person)

04. How long would it take to get a new connection activated?
Ans: As per the BTCL guideline the connections (both pre-paid and post-paid) will be activated after proper verification. It takes 24 to 72 hours to do the necessary verification.

05. What is PIN and PUK code?
Ans: PIN – personal identification number (PIN is used to guard against unauthorized use of SIM card.)
PUK – personal unblocking key (PUK 1 is used to unblock PIN 1)

06. What happens if the PIN or PUK codes get blocked?
Ans: If customers enter incorrect PIN code 3 times in succession, the SIM card will be blocked. In this situation, a customer will need the PUK code to unblock the SIM card. To unblock please follow the following process: enter PUK 1 then press ok > PIN 1 & press ok > PIN 1 & ok. please remember that PUK 1 is needed for unblocking PIN 1. If anyone enters wrong PUK code ten times, his/her SIM card will be permanently damaged

07. How can Banglalink post-paid customers get monthly bill statement?
Ans: Banglalink post-paid customers can receive monthly bill statement via courier service. A customer’s monthly bill statement will be delivered to him/her within next week of every bill cycle. In cases where customers did not receive his/her bill, he/she can contact any Banglalink sales and care center; or call 121 for further assistance.

08. What are the modes of bill payment?
Ans: Banglalink post-paid customers can make bill payments in the following ways:

  • Cash- everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at any Banglalink sales and care center.
  • Cash – to any of the nominated banks. A comprehensive list of all the banks where bills can be paid are sent with every bill copy
  • Payment via i’top-up from any authorized i’top-up outlet.
  • Credit card- master card and visa card of all bank
  • ATM card- standard chartered bank’s ATM

09. When is a phone account disconnected/blocked for bill/ usage?
Ans: As per the credit policy, service will be automatically barred (out bound calls) if the accumulated charges (previous due + unbilled call charges) or the current month’s unbilled amount exceeds the security deposit made by customer. After out-going bar, if the due amount is not paid within 2 days, then the service will be barred both ways (disconnected). And if the payment is not settled within 6 months from the date of disconnection, the service will be terminated

10. Do you need to make any payments for restoring service after disconnection?
Ans: No payment is required to restore service after disconnection – the line will be restored upon payment of accumulated bill.

11. What are the services that can be availed upon written request?
Ans: Services that can be availed only upon written request

  • Itemized bills
  • Change of billing address
  • Block of sim in case of lost/personal reason
  • Restoration of connection

12. What are the services that require physical presence of the subscriber to be obtained?
Ans: Services that need physical presence of the subscriber:

  • Issue of new sim card in case of lost/theft/damage
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Migration of package
  • Handset functions
  • Number change

13. Now to bar your service in case the sim is lost?
Ans: If customer lost his/her sim for any reason, he/she should request us in writing through fax or personally visit our nearest Banglalink sales and care center to block the sim. Or he/she can also call the helpline at 121 (Banglalink) or 01911 304121 (other).

14. How to restore the service once you retrieve lost SIM?
Ans: If customer gets back his/her lost SIM, he/she should send a request to us in writing through fax or personally visit the nearest Banglalink sales and care center to recollect the SIM.

15. How long does it take to activate ISD facilities in a Non-ISD package after request upon payment?
Ans: It will take 8 to 10 hours from receiving the application.

16. What are the addresses of Banglalink sales and care centers; and Banglalink service points?
Ans: Banglalink sales and care center (click here)
Banglalink service points (click here)