Banglalink & Google Partnership Brings You Kormo for New Career Opportunities:

Banglalink has partnered with Google Area 120 to create a platform which can match aspiring job seekers to their preferred jobs with just one click. Get a job through Kormo by downloading the Kormo app from the Play Store, creating your Kormo CV and applying to jobs personalized just for you – directly in the app.
Visit selected Banglalink Center for in-person support and personalized career development tips from a dedicated Kormo representative.


What You Get at Banglalink Career Zones:

● Make your own digital CV
○ Don’t have a CV yet? No problem! When you come to the Banglalink Career Zone, Kormo representatives will create your CV in under 5 minutes. This will build your profile in the platform, which will allow you apply to your favorite jobs across your preferred categories
● Discover Jobs Recommended for You
○ Once you build your profile, the app will automatically recommend jobs based on your skills around your location. You can then browse these jobs and apply to the ones that you like
● Personalize Your Learning and Skill Development
○ Once you register and start searching for jobs in the platform, a whole new world of career development opens up! Through the Learn tab, you can browse career development content like interview tips, skill-wise instructional videos and more. You will then get relevant recommendations as your skills increase and the Kormo app learns about your interests 
● Receive in-person career development tips and support from Kormo Representatives
Finally, Kormo representatives will help you with any career related questions you may have by utilizing experts such as Don Sumdany

What is Kormo?

Kormo is a digital job marketplace and career development platform. It lets you build your digital career profile, apply to your desired jobs, and offers personalized learning resources that help you develop in your career.

Key Features of Kormo

● Fast and reliable way to find work
● App-based mobile marketplace that matches jobs based on your skills, desired salary and location
● Career development and upskilling features, such as a “Learn” tab filled with professional development content and a standardized, free digital “Kormo CV.”

All in all, the Banglalink Career Development Zones, powered by Kormo are designed to be your one stop shop for all career related matters. So visit your nearest Banglalink Center today and start your career journey with Kormo.