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Hajj Portal

Banglalink is always dedicated to making your life easier in every possible way. Every year, more than 100,000 Bangladeshis carry out one of their lives’ most cherished journeys to Mecca in order to perform the Hajj, and almost the same number of people goes every year for Umrah. Till date, performing this important religious task remains a challenge for a lot of people in the absence of authentic, adequate and accessible knowledge. With the objective to guide you in order to perform this holy event, Banglalink has introduced the Hajj Portal service.

Portal Highlights:

  • To activate, dial 22200 and follow the instructions
  • Upon subscription, you will be able to listen to the below contents over IVR:
    • Important information on Hajj and Umrah
    • Hajj related announcements from the Hajj Office
    • Hajj preparation, Quran Ayats, Hadith, Mas’ala&Du’a
    • Hajj related tutorials
    • Information on important places at Mecca and Medinah
  • Subscription charge: Taka 10/30 days. VAT, SD & SC applicable
  • To deactivate, dial 22200

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