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Dhol Streaming App

Welcome to the Bangla Dhol streaming app!

n the digital era, the focus from local culture and norms are pivoting towards foreign cultures. A lot of great music is being produced by our artists in Bangladesh, but they are not getting the amount of exposure as could be expected. Banglalink’s endeavor is to put the spotlight on bangladesh’s local artists by bringing thousands and thousands of local songs to our users through one platform.

With that in mind, Banglalink presents the first streaming app for bangla songs, called Bangla Dhol to let users revel in the never-ending charm of bangla music and its rich culture. Dhol has an extensive collection of bangla songs, starting from the all time classical hits to the latest unreleased songs, from the most popular bands to the single hits. Any singer you love, you will find his/her songs on “Bangla Dhol”.

It is a subscription based streaming app that users can download from the Google Play Store by visiting Charging information is provided in the table below:

Subscription typePricing (BDT)
(w/o SD + VAT + SC)
Bonus data
Free trial07n/a
Monthly pack503050
Daily pack212

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

A user can either subscribe by downloading the app and chose the desired package from the top left button or they can follow the below options:

Subscription modePackageKey word
UN-Subscription modePackageKey word

*SD, VAT and SC applicable


  • For the free trial, if the user does not unsubscribe, he/she will be renewed to the monthly pack after 7 days for BDT 50/30 days (w/o SD + VAT + SC)
  • Once free data is consumed, the user will be charged as per the pack he/she is subscribed to or be charged on a Pay-as-you-go basis
  • Users can create their playlists in the app and listen to the songs anytime they want
  • No download is possible for content security
  • The app would be upgraded with time as new features and songs are added
  • All songs are divided into categories for the user's convenience

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