Tk. 25
30 days

Music Station

Ever wished you could decide the songs playing on radio? Irritated with commercial breaks? Having trouble accessing FM radio channels from your area? Your mobile phone is not compatible to listen to the radio? Now, all you need to do is simply tune-in to “Banglalink Music Station” and enjoy the non-stop music all day long!

Banglalink Music Station lets you listen to the music of your choice anytime, anywhere, from a list of more than 20,000 full songs in more than 22 different categories of music channels – from Bangla classical music to pop & rock, Bollywood hits and popular English tracks. One can also create their own playlists and listen to them anytime they want!

How to activate Banglalink music station:

Registration by IVR:
Just dial 25858 from your Banglalink mobile and follow the simple instructions.

Upon successful subscription, the respective free minutes will be allocated to you. Once you subscribe to music station, you will receive an SMS informing you on how to use the service.

Bundle minutes in music station (25858)

Now you do not need to pay any charges for browsing. Upon successful subscription, you will be allocated free minutes. Once allocated free minutes are consumed, you can purchase minute bundles with the following amounts:

Free minutes offerSubscription validityCharges
30030 daysTk. 25
12015 daysTk. 12.5
507 daysTk. 5.83
51 dayTk. 0.83

*SD,VAT and SC applicable

How to make your own playlist

You can also create your own playlist of your favorite songs with “my album” by pressing * while listening to the song, and access those songs later from “my album” by pressing 9.

A wide range of channels & languages to choose from:

  • You can choose from more than 22 different music channels. And enjoy songs in 3 major languages – Bengali, English and Hindi
  • Set your preferred language by dialing 25858 and change it by entering channel number 88
  • To jump to any channel directly, dial 25858 followed by the channel number

List of Banglalink music station channel names and numbers:

Channel no.Channel nameChannel no.Channel name
1Favorites21Bollywood hindi pop
2Bengali new releases22Bengali sentimental
3Bengali popular23Bollywood sentimental
4Bollywood latest24Bengali dance
5English hot hits25Bollywood dance
6Bengali evergreen26Bengali folk
7Exclusive channel28Bengali devotional
8Song search29Bollywood devotional
9My album30Bengali patriotic
10Bengali top of the month31Special channel
11Bollywood evergreen34Indian bangla
12English evergreen35Chittagong songs
13Bengali romantic36Sylhet songs
14Bollywood romantic37Dj mix music
15Bollywood movie hits39Audio cinema
16Bollywood popular55Friends album
17Bengali light music66Channel guide
18Bollywood light music70Celebrity special
19Bengali hot hit79Habib's song
20Bollywood hot hit88Settings

It’s easy to use

After subscribing to the service, just call 25858 to start listening to Banglalink music station.

The first 6 channels presented to you have been customized keeping your language and channel preferences in mind.

  • Dial 25858 and enter the channel number
  • You can also keep pressing 0 to skip channels
  • To skip songs within a particular channel, press the # key
  • At any point when you are listening to Banglalink music station, if you want to know anything about the features, instructions or any other information, go to the help channel on number 10
  • If you want to change your language setting on Banglalink music station, go to channel 8
  • If you like a song on Banglalink music station, just press the *key before the next song starts playing and repeat the song or add it to your album list
  • Once you add a song to your album list, you can go back to the next song of the last channel you were listening to
  • You can add unlimited songs to your album list and listen to it anytime you want on channel number 9 after dialing 25858. You can delete and add as many songs as you like to keep your album refreshed
  • Upon consumption of free minutes, you can purchase minute bundles as per above denomination
  • If all free minutes are not consumed during the subscription period, the remaining balance will be carried forward to the next subscription period after renewal. Note, only the previous subscription’s balance will be forwarded upon renewal

To make sure you never get bored, we keep refreshing the sequences and types of songs every day, and also program the songs depending on the time-of-the-day – so you get the real FM radio experience!


Subscription fee: Tk. 25 (SD, VAT and SC will be applicable) per 30 days. Upon successful subscription to 30 days, the subscriber will be provided with 300 minutes of free browsing in 25858

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