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Friend Finder

Find your friends anytime anywhere with Banglalink! Send an SMS to 2424 and find out where your friends are

Friend finder is an SMS based location tracking service which allows you to locate your friends, provided that the access is granted by your friends. Similarly, your friend can also locate you by following the same process.

How to register

  • Write start<space>your name
  • Send SMS to 2424

Once you have successfully registered, you can do the following:

How to add a friend

  • Write add<space>friend's mobile number<space>friend's name
  • Send SMS to 2424

How to accept a friend's request

  • Write ok<space>friend's mobile number
  • Send SMS to 2424

How to find a friend's location

  • Write find<space>friend's mobile number or name
  • Send SMS to 2424

How to find your own location

  • Write find<space>me
  • Send SMS to 2424

Charges: Tk. 2/SMS (SD, VAT and SC will be applicable)

Some important keywords

OptionsKeywordExampleShort code
RegisterStart<space>your nameStart emon2424
Add friendAdd<space>friend's number<space>friend's nameAdd 019 xxxxxxxx marium2424
Accept friend's requestOk<space>friend's numberOk 019 xxxxxxxx2424
Find friendFind<space>friend's number
Find<space>friend's name
Find 019xxxxxxxx
Find emon
Check friend's listGet<space>listGet list2424
Get info on your own presence in a friend's listCheckCheck2424
Change the status for allInvisible
Change the status for specific number'sInvisible
Visible<space>friend's number
Friend's name
Invisible emon2424
Check own statusStatusStatus2424
Find your own locationFind<space>meFind me2424
Change friend's nick nameCh<space>old friend name<space>new friend nameCh emon memon2424
Delete friendDel<space>friend's number
Del<space>friend's name
Del 019xxxxxxx
Del zia
De-registerStop Stop 2424

Frequently asked questions

1.Does my handset need any type of configuration?
Ans: No configurations are required in the handset.

2.Is there any monthly subscription fee to avail this service?
Ans: No subscription fee is applicable to register for the service.

3. Is there any limitation on the number of friends to be included in the friend list addition?
Ans: No, you can add as many as friends as you want.

4. Can any of my friends track my location if i don’t accept his/her invitation?
Ans: Nobody can track you if you don’t accept the add invitation.

5. Can I use friend finder service while roaming?
Ans: No, you cannot track any friend if he/she is roaming.Similarly, you cannot be tracked by your friend if you are roaming.

6. Can I accept a friend’s invitation anytime?
Ans: You have to accept your friend’s invitation/add request within 3 days after it is sent.

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