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Call Block

Now block all unwanted callers!

Do you often see yourself taking calls you don’t want to? Well, you can now block all unwanted callers with Banglalink Call Block service.

How to use:

SMS “start” to 8181 to subscribe to call block service. Once you have subscribed successfully, you can do the following:

  • Can create a “Blacklist” of callers whom you don’t want to talk to i.e. the numbers added to the blacklist would not be able to disturb you
  • Can create a “Whitelist” by which you can choose the selected few who can call you – rest of all the numbers would not be able to call. This feature comes handy when you are travelling with your international roaming option activated
  • Have the option of shuffling between whitelist and blacklist. However, you can choose only one option at a time
  • Can add 10 free numbers to your blacklist/whitelist after subscribing
  • Can have SMS notifications to inform you of blocked caller’s number and time of calls
  • Can deactivate/activate the service feature anytime without unsubscribing from the service

SMS syntax of the service:

Type of commandSyntaxExample
To subscribeStartStart
To add number to blacklistAdd msisdn blAdd 0191xxxxxxx bl
To see current blacklistView blView bl
To delete number from blacklistDel msisdn blDel 0191xxxxxxx bl
To add number to whitelistAdd msisdn wlAdd 0191xxxxxxx wl
To see current whitelistView wlView wl
To delete a number from whitelistDel msisdn wlDel 0191xxxxxxx wl
To see current active listViewView
Switch to whitelistSwitch wlSwitch wl
Switch to blacklistSwitch blSwitch bl
To unsubscribeStopStop
To know keywordsHelpHelp
To deactivate the featuresOff cfOff cf
To reactivate the featuresOn cfOn cf
Add blockAddbAddbT
Get the filtered call logGetGet

SMS Short Code: 8181


  • Subscription fee: Tk. 15/15 days (SD + VAT + SC will be applicable)
  • Adding number to blacklist/whitelist: Tk. 5/number (after first 10 free numbers) (SD + VAT + SC will be applicable)
  • SMS charge applicable

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How do I choose my ’screening condition’? Can I have both ’blacklist’ and ’whitelist’ condition activated at the same time?
Ans. The screening conditions are based on the active list present for a subscriber. If a subscriber has activated blacklist, the numbers present in the blacklist will be screened. If the subscriber has activated whitelist, the numbers which are not in the whitelist will be screened. A subscriber can have only one list, either white or black as his/her active list.

2. Will blacklist be selected as my default screening condition if I subscribed to the service and add numbers to the whitelist in the beginning?
Ans. Subscribers newly subscribing to call block will be enabled with an active blacklist by default. He/she has to first start adding numbers to the blacklist to start screening the numbers. If the active list is the blacklist and no numbers are present, then none of the calls will be screened. Adding of whitelist numbers do not carry any meaning in this condition.

3. How can I check which ’screening condition’ I have activated at the moment?
Ans. You can send keyword “view” to 8181 for getting the present active list

4. What will happen if my condition is set to ’blacklist’ but there are no numbers added to my blacklist?
Ans. All the calls will be allowed.

5. What will happen if my condition is set to ’whitelist’ but there are no numbers added to my whitelist?
Ans. Since the subscriber is in active whitelist and no numbers are present in the whitelist, nobody will be able to reach the subscriber.

6. What is the maximum numbers I can add to my black/white list?
Ans. You can add as many as 15 numbers in your black/white list.

7. What will happen if I try to enter an incomplete number to black/white list?
Ans. If a subscriber adds a number in an incomplete manner (example: 01927) to his/her blacklist and the subscriber has an active blacklist, this entry will be taken as a wild card entry and the number range 1927* will be blocked and any call from the number starting with 1927 will be blocked.

8. How frequently can I update my black/white list (i.e. add/delete numbers)? Is there any minimum waiting period before the changes are made?
Ans. There is no waiting time for the changes to get updated. The number addition and deletion are immediate.

9. What is the maximum numbers I can add/delete at once?
Ans. A subscriber can add/delete only one number at a time.

10. Can I block/allow numbers from other mobile networks or any types of phone numbers e.g. PSTN, international numbers (i.e. mobile and land phone)?
Ans. Yes, you can block calls from other mobile networks by adding the number into your blacklist (example: 017xxxxxxxx, 018xxxxxxxx etc). In the same way, you can add any PSTN or International numbers (number with ISD code and area code).

11. Will my black/white list remain if I un-register from the service and then reregister later? 
Ans. The list entries will be deleted when the subscriber unsubscribes from the system.

12. Do I need to use any special handset?  
Ans. Subscribers can use any handset that supports SMS.

13. Does my handset need any type of configuration?  
Ans. No configurations are required in the handset.

14. Can I use or activate Call Block service (black/white list) while roaming 
Ans. The Call Block service can also be used while roaming.


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