Oye Instant Messenger

1. Service details
Banglalink brings to you, Oye Chat Messenger, which is a WAP based messaging application that is first-of-its-kind. It works across all phone models, and yet possess all possible features an instant messenger. Users can subscribe to this chat messenger and chat with anyone across the globe.


  • 1. No need to own a Smart Phone; no matter what phone you use, If it has Mobile Internet connectivity, the application shall run smoothly
  • 2. Language Options is not only limited to English, users also have a choice to chat in Bangla
  • 3. Unlike other instant messengers, the application also offers Micro Blogging functionality. Subscribers can write blogs and also follow others. Furthermore, the blog can also be written in local languages
  • 4. Unlike the other instant messengers which are handset dependent, Oye is entirely a SIM based application. It means that, if your phone is lost, nobody can access Oye unless the same SIM is inserted/activated
  • 5. The application is Lawfully Interceptable. At any given point of time the system can provide the Chat history along with time-stamp for any MSISDN. Pheuture Studio Private Limited
  • 6. No log-in/log-off required;the application recognizes the user from their MSISDN. No username or password is required to be remembered by the user
  • 7. The application does not delete chat history; it shall be preserved unless the user deletes them on their own
  • 8. Telco Billing Oye is flexible enough to be customized as per Telco billing & subscription engine

3. Subscription and subscription media (Activation and deactivation process)

Media: SMS & WAP
Subscription via SMS:
Type ""START"" and send to 21270

Unsubscription via SMS: Type ""STOP"" and send to 21270

Subscription via WAP: Visit oyeim.com > press YES twice for double confirmation

Unsubscription via WAP: Visit oyeim.com > setting> unsubscription

4. Tariff - BDT 2.44 (VAT+SC+SD) daily with auto renewal

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