UNB News (6397)

Banglalink I ‘Info Services provides the most updated news contents from the most prominent international and local news sources like UNB News, Associated Press, UNI, Xinhua, Kyodo, ANSA, Suomen Tietotoimisto and Rompress. This Service provides up-to-date news couple of times a day through news update, Breaking news, IT News, Entertainment News, Local News, International News, and Economy News, including the Namaz Alert.


  • Sports News includes the latest news of cricket, Football, Formula -1, Tennis & more
  • Entertainment News includes news about Movies, Music, Books, Theatre, TV, Celebrity News & more
  • Technology News provides news on computing, gadgets, games, IT news, Social Media News & more
  • Namaz Timing Alert delivers Updated Namaz Timings throughout the day
  • Local News provides latest updates regarding local events, business, politics, weather, education & more
  • International news offers Breaking News from around the World including Top Stories, current Events & more
  • Economy News provides Latest news on Economic Policy, Trade, Stock market News, Banking News & more

Services Activation and deactivation process:

SLService NameUSSD Activation CodeUSSD De-activation Code
1Sports News Alert*6397*1*2*1#*6397*1*2*2#
2Entertainment News  Alert*6397*2*2*1#*6397*2*2*2#
3Technology News Alert *6397*3*2*1#*6397*3*2*2#
4Namaz Timing Alert Alert*6397*4*2*1#*6397*4*2*2#
5Local News Alert*6397*5*2*1#*6397*5*2*2#
6International News Alert*6397*6*7*2*1#*6397*6*7*2*2#
7Economy News Alert*6397*6*8*2*1#*6397*6*8*2*2#
8Sports News  Monthly Service*6397*1*1*1#*6397*1*1*2#
9Entertainment News  Monthly*6397*2*1*1#*6397*2*1*2#
10Technology News  Monthly*6397*3*1*1#*6397*3*1*2#
11Namaz Timing Monthly*6397*4*1*1#*6397*4*1*2#
12Local News  Monthly*6397*5*1*1#*6397*5*1*2#
13International News  Monthly*6397*6*7*1*1#*6397*6*7*1*2#
14Economy News Monthly*6397*6*8*1*1#*6397*6*8*1*2#

Services Tariff/Price point

SLService NameShort CodeCharging including VAT, SC & SD 
1Sports News Alert6397Tk 2.44 / Alert
2Entertainment News  Alert6397Tk 2.44 / Alert
3Technology News Alert 6397Tk 2.44 / Alert
4Namaz Timing Alert6397Tk 2.44 / Alert
5Local News Alert6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
6International News Alert6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
7Economy News Alert6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
8Sports News Alert Pack 6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
9Entertainment News Pack 6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
10Technology News Pack6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
11Namaz Timing Pack6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
12Local News Pack6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
13International News  Pack6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day
14Economy News Pack6397Tk.36.53/month,18.27/biweekly,9.14/weekly,1.22/day

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