Banglalink Call Center

We strive to give our customers the best of service and the fastest solution. In order to do that we have state-of-the-art call center that serves our customers 24 hours 7 days a week.

If you need assistance or want to share your Banglalink experience with us, then please contact us through the following numbers/ email address/ web:

Dialing No./Short Code/EmailDescriptionTariffPulse
121Free IVR for all Banglalink customers. Customer care agent support helplineIVR Free, Tk. 0.50/ Min for Agent Support10 sec
158Complaint number for all Banglalink prepaid & postpaid customers. Customer can launch complaints through this number.FreeN/A
1215Promotional number for all Banglalink pre-paid & post-paid customers. All promotional information is available here.FreeN/A
175Contact number for i’top-up transaction information (for Banglalink retailers only).FreeN/A
365Customer service over phone for Banglalink retailers only.FreeN/A
2727Yellow pages (for all Banglalink) directory service.Tk. 5.00/ min10 sec
01911304121Free IVR for all Banglalink customers.
Customer care agent support helpline
For calling from Banglalink:
IVR Free, Tk. 0.50 /Min for Agent Support.
For calling from non Banglalink:
As per operator's tariff applies
10 sec
01912999000Only for postpaid & SME package information and sales request.Tk. 2.00/ min10 sec
01920000000Customer service over phone for icon customers only.On-netAs per package
01950111111For all kinds of international roaming related information, services & complaints.On-netAs per package
1200Careline for mobile financial services of Banglalink subscribers and Banglalink retailers.Tk. 1.00/ min
(free for retailers)
10 sec
01911304120Only for mobile financial services related information, services & complaints.Tk. 1.00/ min10 sec
+88 02 8820594Fax for customer service related queries.
info@banglalink.netCustomer service related queries through email.
roaming@banglalink.netInternational roaming related queries through email. for icon customers only.

*VAT, SD and SC applicable


  • All tariffs mentioned here are SD + VAT + SC applicable
  • Postpaid, prepaid and call & control customers whose outgoing is barred can call 121, if their connection has sufficient balance