Postpaid Payment Options

Following payment methods are available for Banglalink Postpaid customers:

Payment MethodDescription
i’top-up RechargePostpaid subscribers are able to make payment through electronic recharge via Banglalink i’top-up points nationwide.
Cash and Credit CardList of banglalink customer care center Subscriber can pay cash at Banglalink Customer Care Centers’ bank booths. Subscriber can also pay by MasterCard and VISA card of all banks at Banglalink Customer Care Centers. Gulshan
Sylhet Time: According to customer care center’s working hour.
Nominated Bank for Cash Collection Against Bill/OthersBanglalink has an extensive bill collection network in cooperation with different banks and financial institutions. Banglalink postpaid subscribers can pay bill, advance bill and enhance security deposit by bill copy or Banglalink payment slips through those banks during banking hours. Some of the banks have electronic payment options where payment can be made at any convenient time. Banglalink nominated banks:
1. Dutch Bangla Bank limited
2. Eastern Bank limited view nominated banks list
ATM CardCurrently, bill payment through ATM can be made at ATM booths of only Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. Subscriber must have a DBBL Bank account & prior registration with bank to avail this service.
DD/Pay Order/ChequeCheque must be payable in the name of “Banglalink digital Communications Limited”. Subscribers (personal/corporate) can drop the cheque directly to Banglalink care center or to their dedicated relationship managers (ERM, IM, KAM). Subscriber needs to include his/her bill copy (Banglalink copy) or name & SVC number in a separate page attached to the cheque. Please note that cheque option is only for company, embassy and high value subscriber as agreed by company policy.
Auto Bill PayWhat is Auto Bill Pay? Banglalink makes mobile bill payments absolutely hassle free for the subscribers. With auto bill pay, a subscriber needs to sign in a form and we take care of collecting mobile bills and updating the billing information. Moreover, the whole process of bill collection and billing system update is fully automated.  Thus, subscribers will never have to worry about getting barred. (click here to download the pdf form) Features of Auto Bill Pay Bills will be collected from subscribers’ credit card(s).The auto bill pay system accepts any VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card issued from any bank. Subscribers need to sign the auto bill pay authorization only once. Bills will be collected when subscriber’s usage reaches 80% of his/her credit limit or at month end. Connection will never be barred if the subscriber chooses the 1st option (see details below) with sufficient available fund. Saves valuable time for the subscriber as subscriber doesn’t have to “pay” his bills again. Subscribers will have more flexibility to make payments (up to 45 days credit limit for credit cards). New postpaid subscribers signing up for auto bill pay will not be required to pay any security deposit and will enjoy a default credit limit of BDT 500. Three options for Auto Bill Collections: 1st Option: Collect full outstanding amount when my usage reaches 80% of my credit limit 2nd Option: Collect 50% of my outstanding amount when my usage reaches 80% of my credit limit 3rd Option: Collect my bill at the end of the month (if my bill crosses my deposit my line may be barred) Example: Subscriber has credit limit of Tk. 500 –If he/she chooses 1st option, whenever his usage reaches Tk. 400 (80% of 500), we will collect Tk. 400 from his credit card, –If he/she chooses 2nd option, whenever his usage reaches Tk. 400 (80% of 500), we will collect Tk. 200 from his credit card, –If he/she chooses 3rd option, we will collect the outstanding dues at month end from his credit card. Please note that subscriber may be barred if his usage crosses Tk. 500 and no separate payment is made, if choosing this option. – Any outstanding amount at the end of the billing period will be collected on bill cycle date. Auto Bill Pay Registration Process: To avail the auto bill pay facility, subscriber has to sign up by signing and submitting the auto bill pay authorization form (click here to download pdf form) to us. Subscribers can get the form from Banglalink Customer Care Centers. For verification purpose, collection of either the national ID card or the passport of the cardholder (photocopy) is mandatory After successful registration, subscriber’s bills will be collected automatically from his/her credit card. It will take maximum 48 hours to activate the facility. The facility will start from the current bill cycle if the application is submitted at least 48 hours before the end of bill cycle. Subscriber has to apply in writing to deactivate the facility at the nearest customer care center.