Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the prerequisite for SIM replacement?
Ans: SIM replacement against a subscription can be done if the SIM is lost/stolen/disabled/damaged. The subscriber needs to bring his/her original subscription agreement form (SAF) in case of SIM replacement. In absence of SAF or if SAF cannot be verified, the touch point customer care representative will validate authenticity of the subscription usage, based on appropriate questions/criteria.

  • Original SAF copy. In case of the original SAF is lost, customer care representative might ask for several information for verification (e.g. customer information, current balance, last recharge, NID, FNF, etc)
  • Biometric re-verification is mandatory for each SIM replacement by using national ID (NID). If you do not have national ID then you will be able to change your SIM only from any Banglalink Customer Care Center through below alternative ID:
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    • Birth certificate

From helpline we will first advise NID for sim replacement and if customer says he/she does not have NID or it is lost then we will inform customer to take any one above valid photo ID with photocopy at a touch point (care center, BP or BSP), from there service will be provided after verifying/validating authenticity of ID card

  • Whenever SIM replacement will be done against the alternative photo ID's, customer/user needs to sign in writing that he/she does not have a NID at that moment and in absence of NID, the submitted id is provided
    • Duly filled undertaken form
    • Corporate customers (including SME) need to bring forwarding letter in company letterhead pad (mentioning that he/she is the user of the connection)

02. What is the charge for SIM replacement?

Connection typePriyojon categorySIM replacement fee
Prepaid/Postpaid/Call & ControlPlatinumTk. 0
Prepaid/Postpaid/Call & ControlGold/silverTk. 200
Prepaid/Postpaid/Call & ControlNot registeredTk. 200

03. What are the documents required for buying Banglalink new connection?
Ans: No documents are required to buy Banglalink new connection. Only the below information is required.

  • Customer Name
  • Customer NID number
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Biometric verification is mandatory for each new connection by using national ID. If you do not have national ID then you will be able to purchase your SIM only from any Banglalink customer care center through below alternative ID:
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    • Birth certificate

04. How can Banglalink postpaid customers activate international roaming facility for roaming and what are the requirements?
Ans:Postpaid roaming requirements:

  1. Banglalink postpaid connection with ISD facility
  2. International credit card (any VISA, Mastercard, or Amex card) with 3 months validity to pay security deposit & roaming bills
  3. Photocopy of both side of the credit card is required


  1. Individual user with auto debit: 7,000
  2. Individual user without auto debit: 10,000
  3. High value individuals: Free
  4. Corporate customers: Free

Payment Option

Customer has to pay all roaming dues (deposit/bill) through international credit card following the below formalities:

  • Roaming bill payment through standing order: The customer can sign a standing order instruction and submit to CMU through CCD. His/her roaming bill will be automatically collected from his international credit card. The customer need not come personally or send any representative for paying roaming bill. This facility is available for cardholders of UCBL, and city bank only
  • Coming in person: Customer can pay in person by coming to our customer care center with his/her international credit card, or
  • Through a representative: The customer can send a representative with a signed authorization letter (available with the bill) specifying (a) payable amount, (b) corresponding bill month and mentioning (c) credit card number, (d) original roaming bill copy, or
  • Check or pay order/demand draft from fc account: The customer can issue a check or pay order/demand draft from his/her foreign currency account favoring Banglalink digital communications limited


Customers can check roaming call charges and partner list through SMS to 7626 writing country name, example: <australia> and send to 7626. tk 2/SMS charge (SD + VAT + SC will be applicable).

05. How can Banglalink Postpaid customers get monthly bill statement?
Ans: Banglalink postpaid customers can receive monthly bill statement via courier service. A customer’s monthly bill statement will be delivered to him/her within next week of every bill cycle. In cases where customers did not receive his/her bill, he/she can contact any Banglalink sales and care center; or call 121 for further assistance, or customers can have their monthly bill (e-bill) through e-mail into customer’s email address. To request for e-bill, postpaid customers need to send SMS their e-mail address to 4268 or can place request by calling 121.

06. What is the scratch card recharge procedure?
Ans: Dial *123*all hidden numbers#. Through this process, you will be able to recharge your prepaid account and upon successful recharge, you will receive a confirmation recharge message and the validity period. [syntax: *123*[ all hidden numbers]#]. [example: *123*xxxxxxxxxxxxxx#], or dial 123 and follow the process to recharge your scratch card [IVR flow: 123 > 1 > 1]

07. How do I add, delete or change FNF numbers?

Add FNFRemove/Delete FNFChange FNF
Through SMSThrough USSDThrough IVRThrough SMSThrough USSDThrough SMSThrough USSDThrough IVR
Send SMS to 3300 by writing add [space] 01xxxxxxxxxDial USSD *166*11*019xxxxxxxx#.
or dial *121*4*2*019XXXXXXXX#
Dial 123, select 4th option and follow the instructionSend SMS to 3300 by writing rem [space] 018xxxxxxxxDial USSD *166*13*019xxxxxxxx#.
or dial *121*4*4*019XXXXXXXX#
Send SMS to 3300 by writing ch [space] 019xxxxxxxx [space] 018xxxxxxxxDial USSD *166*12*old number*new number#. or *121*4*3*Old number*New number#Dial 123, select 4th option and
follow the instruction


Add FNFRemove/delete FNFChange FNF
Write desired FNF numbers separated only by space and then send to 3311. Mobile number with country code (880 or +880) will also be acceptedWrite rem 01xxxxxxxxx and then send to 3311 to remove the respective FNF number. Multiple numbers cannot be removed at the same timeWrite c 01xxxxxxxxx 01xxxxxxxxx (the 1st number is the existing number & the 2nd number is the new number) to change FNF numbers and then send to 3311. Same procedure for changing 2nd and 3rd FNF number. Multiple numbers cannot be changed at the same time

08. How do I add or change super FNF numbers? 
Ans: To add super FNF, you need to send SMS to 3300 by writing sad <space> 019xxxxxxxx, or dial USSD *166*7*019xxxxxxxx # or dial *121*4*6*019XXXXXXXX#, or dial 123, select 4th option and follow the instruction.

To change super FNF, you need to send SMS to 3300 by writing sch<space> 019xxxxxxxx<space> 019xxxxxxxx, or dial USSD *166*8*old number*new number#, or dial *121*4*7*Old Number*New Number#, or dial 123, select 4th option and follow the instruction

09. How to make a first call from prepaid connection for getting the in connectivity? 
Ans: For pre-active SIM customers can activate the connection by calling 123 and will receive preloaded talk time with 15 days validity, or dial USSD *121*1#

10. What is the balance checking process from prepaid and call & control?
Ans: You need to dial *124# or dial IVR 123 >2 > 1 to listen main account balance, or dial USSD *121*1#

11. What is PIN or PUK code? 
Ans: PIN – Personal Identification Number (PIN is used to guard against unauthorized use of SIM card)
PUK – Personal Unblocking Key (PUK 1 is used to unblock PIN 1)

12. What to do if your PIN or PUK codes get blocked?
Ans: If customers enter incorrect PIN code 3 times in succession, the SIM card will be blocked. In this situation, a customer will need the PUK code to unblock the SIM card. To unblock please follow the following process: enter PUK 1 then press ok > PIN 1 & press ok > PIN 1 & ok. Please remember that PUK 1 is needed for unblocking pin 1. If anyone enters wrong PUK code ten times, his/her sim card will be permanently damaged. If anyone enters wrong PUK code ten times, his/her SIM card will be permanently damaged.

13. How you can bar your service in case of SIM is lost?
Ans: If a customer loses his/her sim for any reason, he/she should request us in writing through fax or personally visit our nearest Banglalink sales and care center to block the SIM, or he/she can also call the helpline at 121 (Banglalink) or 01911304121 (other).

14. How do you restore the service if you get back the SIM?
Ans: If a customer gets back his/her lost SIM, he/she should send a request to us in writing through fax or personally visit the nearest Banglalink sales and care center to recollect the SIM.

15. What is a security deposit?
Ans: Security deposit is the upfront payment a customer has to make before availing the postpaid connection. Customer line can be barred if he/she crosses the security deposit or reaches a certain amount over the security deposit.

16. Can the security deposit be increased by the customer?
Ans: Yes, the deposit can be increased by the customer if he/she wants to.

17. Why does a phone disconnect for bill/ usage?
Ans: Service gets disconnected when bill/usage crosses his/her usage limit.

18. What should customers do with the documents that he/she receives from purchasing Banglalink connection?
Ans: Customers should preserve the following subscription documents to ensure after sales service and any future references:

  • Subscription form (subscriber’s copy)
  • Purchase money receipt
  • Welcome letter with the starter/SIM replacement kit e.g. SIM, PIN and PUK information

19. Customer wants to activate ISD facility in his/her postpaid connection, what exactly is the requirement and procedure?
Ans: Prerequisites for availing ISD facility (applicable for postpaid connection):

  • In case of regular payee, due has to be less than security deposit; otherwise total due needs to be cleared
  • Customer will request for ISD by calling care-line (121) where customer’s information will be verified. If customer is able to provide all the information correctly related with the connection then ISD will be provided.
  • For CCC customer has to provide all information related with the connection to avail ISD. Besides, customer has to proof the genuineness of his address by providing any of the following documents if customer’s information is not available in system or bill/welcome letter is return.
    • SAF copy
    • National ID
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • TIN Certificate
    • Letter from employer
    • Trade license
    • Also customer can request for ISD through BP/BSP

20. What are the payment modes/options of Banglalink? What are the prepaid recharge options?
Ans: Below are the payment options for Banglalink connections:

  • Payment through i’top-up
  • Through bKash
  • Payment at any Banglalink customer care center, BP & BSP
  • At any branch of Jamuna bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Eastern Bank, One Bank, Southeast Bank, Dhaka Bank, Bank Asia, UCBL, Prime Bank or IFIC Bank
  • Auto bill pay (through Visa, Mastercard & Amex card), and also auto debit and IVR instruction through SCB (card and account holder)
  • Online top-up through Banglalink corporate website, Facebook fan page or q-cash gateway by using debit or credit card
  • Payment through CQ/DD/PO in favor of “Banglalink Digital Communication Limited”
  • Fund transfer(customer account to Banglalink account) for corporate customers