Dial *874# or *875#

Banglalink Emergency Balance

Ran out of balance? Enjoy a minimum credit advance and communicate during urgent times even with zero balance!

Emergency Main Balance:

You can get a maximum emergency main balance up to Tk.200 by dialing *874# based on your usage.

Service details:

  • Emergency main balance can be used for any purpose with unlimited validity
  • After availing the emergency balance, loan amount will be automatically adjusted from your account on the next recharge
  • When your main balance is Tk. 10 or less, you will be eligible to avail the Banglalink emergency service
  • An SMS notification fee of Tk. 2.00 (excluding VAT, SD & SC) is applicable for availing a loan of Tk.15 and above
  • Based on your usage criteria, you can get higher amounts of Banglalink emergency balance
  • Your request will be invalid, if you have any previous unpaid Banglalink emergency amounts
  • All Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control customers can enjoy this service
  • To avail Tk.10 emergency main balance, dial *874*10# (FOC)
  • To check the loan eligibility, dial *874*9#
  • Dial *874*0# to check the status
  • New connections can avail this service after 30 days of activation

Emergency Internet:

The internet will go on, whether you have balance or not! Just dial *875# for emergency internet.

Service details:

  • All Prepaid and Call & Control subscribers will be eligible for this service
  • If your balance is lower than or equal to Tk.10, you will be eligible for this service
  • To avail the “Emergency Internet” service, dial *875#
  • After activating the “Emergency Internet” service, same equivalent of money will be deducted from your account upon recharge
  • In the case of recharge, the Emergency Balance amount will be charged first
  • You will only be able to take Emergency Internet once per day
  • To check “Emergency Internet” status, please dial *875*0#
  • To check internet balance & validity, please dial *124*500#
  • New connections can avail this service after 30 days of activation
  • Inclusive of SD, VAT and SC