Join the Network that Gives the Most!

Move to Banglalink’s network anytime without changing your current mobile number through Mobile Number Portability (MNP). Through this you can change your network service provider to another operator without changing your current mobile number.

With your new connection, enjoy 2GB instant internet bonus (up to 12GB, Validity: 7 Days) a special all tax-inclusive call rate of 1 paisa/second to any operators (Validity: 7 Days) on the first-time recharge of Tk. 48! 

For MNP procedure just follow these 3 easy steps -

  1. Take your number and NID Card number and visit your nearest BL SIM Selling Outlet
  2. Provide your finger print in the Biometric Device and allow the service provider/retailer to fill up the e-registration form
  3. Collect your new Banglalink SIM

Why would you join Banglalink?

Banglalink is ready for you with the highest spectrum and best customer service among all the mobile operators. And the festivities of giving the most is on always. To indulge in the festivities join us using MNP.

Recharge Tk. 48 and enjoy

  • 2GB Free Internet!!! Valid for 7 days.
  • Free 1GB every 30 days, up to 10 times!               

1GB Every Month:

Upon a first-time recharge of Tk. 48, a customer becomes eligible for,

  • A special internet pack of 1GB (validity 7 days), which can only be availed through a USSD dial *132*111#.
  • The pack can be availed once every 30 days (from the first recharge of Tk. 48), up to 10 times.
    • A customer can avail up to 10GB through this USSD dial
  • There will be no auto-renewal for these packs.
  • Unused internet will not be carried forward.
  • To check internet balance dial *5000*500#

Offer Details:

  • The Tk. 48 offer is only available for new subscribers and only on the first recharge of Tk. 48
  • These are limited time offers

Other Information

  • New connections will get Pre-Loaded Tk. 5 balance, valid for 15 days and can be used for any Banglalink service.
  • 50 MB bonus internet is valid for 3 days.
  • 50 bonus BL-BL SMS is valid for 10 days.
  • To check main account balance, dial *121*100#.
  • 22 paisa/10 second call rate is applicable to all numbers through 24 hours.
  • New SIM price is Tk. 200

Common MNP queries and answers:

  1. What is MNP?

MNP is Mobile Number Portability. MNP allows you to keep your existing mobile phone number when you switch to a different mobile phone operator. There will be no more inconvenience of notifying friends and other acquaintances that you have changed your Mobile number

  1. What documents you’ll have to bring for MNP?
  • Your mobile number (registered with your NID)
  • NID Card number
  1. What action steps are needed before activating MNP?
  • Deactivate any Telecom Operator MFS account (if any) – however, your bKash, DBBL, UCBL, and other non-telco MFS service will be uninterrupted
  • Clear dues or loan of the other operator (if any)
  1. How often can I activate MNP? Is there any stay time or condition of MNP?

You can transfer (port) your mobile phone number as many times as you like. However, there is a 90-day stay period after a MNP process before another MNP request can be made.

  1. Will I be required to change my SIM card after successfully porting to the new Mobile Service provider?

Yes, due to the unique features offered by each Mobile Service provider, you will be provided a new Banglalink SIM card after successful MNP.

  1. What is the transfer time for a consumer?

Almost instantly in working days. However, it may take maximum 72 hours if there is any issue.

  1. Will there be any disruption to my service during the transfer (porting) process?

MNP process will be completed almost instantly. However, there may likely be a 2-4 hours disruption to your mobile phone service during the porting process.

  1. Will my bill cycle change?

Your bill cycle for Postpaid connection may be changed with your new service provider. However, you can change the cycle based on your requirement later.

  1. Will my air time money, unused internet/minute/SMS etc. be carry forwarded to after porting out?

No. Un-used prepaid balance, internet/minute/SMS etc. of the ported-out number will not be carry forwarded.

  1. Will I be able to enjoy the similar services, like VAS, roaming facility etc. as I have been enjoying with my existing Mobile Service provider after Porting?

Yes, but Value Added Services may differ from your current Mobile service provider to another Mobile Service provider. You need to register yourself again with the Value Added Services, you want to subscribe, after successful porting to the new Mobile Service provider.

  1. Will my contacts, address book etc. remain intact after successful MNP?

The contacts saved in the phone, yes, will remain intact. However, if they are saved in the SIM card, they will not remain intact as you will get a new SIM card from your new Mobile Service provider. Therefore, it is advised to copy your contacts from SIM to the phone before porting.

  1. Can I transfer (port) my pre-paid mobile phone number to a post-paid mobile or vice versa?

No. Prepaid connection will be ported as Prepaid and Postpaid connection as Postpaid. However, you can convert your prepaid to postpaid and vise-versa once you have transferred to Banglalink Network

  1. Who is a donor operator?

Donor Operator means the Service provider; to whose network the mobile number belongs at the time the subscriber makes a request for porting.

  1. Who is a recipient operator?

Recipient Operator means the Service Provider who will be providing mobile telecommunication service to the subscriber after porting.

  1. How do I check balance, buy internet, use customer service etc.?
  • To check your balance dial - *124#
  • For Internet Pack dial - *5000#
  • For Talk-time and Talk + Internet Bundle Packs dial - *1100#
  • For Emergency Balance Service dial - *121*99#
  • For Amar Offer dial - *888#
  • For Banglalink Priyojon dial *6000#
  • For Customer Self-care dial *121#