The New

“014” The New Family Member of Banglalink!

Banglalink family is getting bigger and better. Now, Banglalink introduces a new number series “014” in addition to the existing “019” series. Anybody with their NID and an existing “019” number can purchase this new number for free and can be a part of Banglalink’s champion’s den. Because Banglalink believes in- “The bigger the family, The better the celebration!”

The new SIM cards will be available in all SIM selling outlets in the same price and in the same SIM tool kit packaging. 

 Terms and Conditions: 

  • A customer will have to bring their NID and a 019 number (registered under the same NID) to an outlet
  • When they are purchasing the 014 SIM, the biometric device will show whether they are eligible for the offer (if their NID is registered to the attached 019 SIM)
  • If they are eligible, they will get the 014 SIM for free (but have to recharge 48tk in their 014 SIM, will receive 48tk back in their Main Account and activate their acquisition offer)
  • To get one free 014 SIM, one must bring their NID and a 019-number registered under the same NID
  • From the biometric device, they will be able to tag their 014 SIM to one of their 019 SIM for a special tariff offer (54p/min, 1 second pulse: 0.9p/sec)
  • It might take up to 60 minutes for the tagging process to fully complete
  • This special tariff is only applicable between the two SIMs; one SIM cannot have more than one of this offer
  • Validity is lifetime

New 014 SIM Offer on First Time Recharge of Tk. 48:

  • A special call rate of 1p/sec to all operators valid for 90 days.
  • An instant bonus of 1 GB free internet, valid for 15 days. To check internet balance dial *5000*500#
  • There is NO daily maximum usage limit of the 1 GB bonus internet
  • After completion of the bonus internet volume or validity, default pay-as-you-go logic of 1Tk/MB will apply
  • The first recharge offer of Tk. 48 is only available for new subscribers and only on the first recharge of Tk. 48
  • The 014 Number will be eligible for the complete Acquisition Offer.
  • For the complete Acquisition Offer, please visit here (