54 paisa/min
24 hours
Upto 11% discount

Banglalink Inspire

Banglalink inspire brings special new features for post-paid subscribers with remarkably low call rates, a whole lot of FNF numbers and other services and facilities!

This exclusive postpaid connection includes:

  • Every new connection comes with 300 SMS/month to any operator, 500 MMS/month, 100 MB/month internet, Amar tune subscription and news service subscription free for the first 3 months
  • Enjoy your Banglalink inspire connection with zero line rent (no conditions apply)
  • Up to 11% loyalty discount on usage
  • 7 FNF numbers to any mobile operator: 54 paisa/min to Banglalink FNF numbers and 54 paisa/min to other operators’ FNF numbers
  • All FNF and CUG rates have 10 second pulse
  • Only 54 paisa/minute on 2 supplementary numbers for 24 hours
  • Only 54 paisa/minute for 24 hours within the same professional group
  • PAYG call rate pulse: 1 sec pulse
  • Customer can also get this info from *121#
Call TypeTariff/min (Tk.)
10 PM - 4 PM4 PM - 10 PM
FNF call rate (any net)54p54p
Call rate (BL-BL)99p1.23tk
Call rate (BL-Others)99p1.23tk
CUG professional / Supplementary54p54p

*SD, VAT and SC applicable 

Loyalty Discount:

Reduce your mobile expenses through our loyalty discount program. The monthly loyalty discount amount is calculated based on your length of stay with Banglalink and usage per month as shown in the following table:

Length of stay with BanglalinkMonthly outgoing voice calls (excluding BTCL charge, roaming and SD + VAT+ SC)
Tk. 501 – 1500Tk. 1501 – 3000Tk. 3001 +
More than 2 years7%9%11%
Less than 2 years, more than 1 year5%7%9%
Less than 1 year4%5%7%

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

This means the longer you have stayed with Banglalink, the more discount you will receive. The loyalty discount is our way of expressing gratitude towards you, your loyalty means that Banglalink is your preferred and trusted mobile operator.

A customer’s length of stay with Banglalink will be calculated starting from the date of activation of service with Banglalink.

For Banglalink Inspire customers, the discount amount will be adjusted with their monthly bill.

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