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10 sec

Banglalink Desh 10 FNF

Time to have great conversations with your big list of friends! Banglalink now presents the amazing 10 fnf package. You can enjoy as low as 6 paisa/10 seconds to one special Banglalink number and as low as 11 paisa/10 seconds to 9 FNF (any operator)!

Package highlights:

  • Enjoy 9 FNF to any operator with call rates as low as 11 paisa/10 second
  • Call 1 special FNF at lowest 6 paisa/10 second
  • 10 second pulse applicable
  • SD, VAT and SC will be applicable

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can i enjoy this package?
Ans: If you are a prepaid customer (except e-voucher), you can enjoy this package just by dialing *999*1*112# (free)

2. What is the tariff plan of this package?

Call typeTime windowPaisa/10 sec
Banglalink to Banglalink24 hours27
Banglalink and other operator fnf12 am to 4 pm11
4 pm to 12 am15
Banglalink to other operators24 hours28.67
Super FNF12 am to 4 pm6
4 pm to 12 am7

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

SMS typeTime windowPaisa/SMS
All local SMS24 hours50

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

MMS typeTime windowTaka/MMS
Other operators (robi)24 hours5

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

3. How many FNF & special FNF can i set?
Ans: You can add 10 numbers of any local mobile operator as FNF and 1 banglalink user as special FNF

4. How can i add FNF and special FNF?
Ans: To add FNF dial *166*11*number#.  add special FNF by dialing *166*7*number#

5. How can i replace FNF and special FNF?
Ans: To replace FNF number dial *166*12*old number*new number#. replace special FNF number by dialing *166*8*old number*new number#

6. How can i check my current FNF and special FNF numbers?
Ans: To check FNF number dial *166*14# and to check special FNF number dial *166*10#

7. How can i remove my current FNF or special FNF numbers?
Ans: To remove FNF number dial *166*13*number#, and to remove special FNF number dial *166*9*number#

8. Can i enjoy other offers from this package?
Ans: Yes, you can enjoy all other offers from this package

9. How frequently can i change FNF?
Ans: You can change each FNF once every 15 days

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