5.5 p/10s
12p/10s off-net
50 p/SMS

Banglalink Desh Hello Package

If you want to talk to friends in other telephone operators, Banglalink desh has the best package for you. With the ‘Hello’ package you can enjoy 12 paisa/10 seconds only in other operators, and 5.5 paisa/10 sec in one Banglalink number.

Package Highlights:

  • To migrate, type ‘h’ & send a free SMS to 9999
  • Lowest 12 paisa/10 second call rate to other operators
  • 1 super FNF at only 5.5 paisa/10 second
  • SD,VAT and SC will be applicable

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can i enjoy this package?
Ans: If you are a prepaid customer (except e-voucher), you can enjoy this package just by typing h & sending SMS to 9999 (free).

2. What is the tariff plan of this package?

Call typeTime windowPaisa/10 sec
Banglalink To Banglalink24 hours23
To Other Operators24 hours12
Special FNF24 hours5.5

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

SMS typeTime windowPaisa/ SMS
All local SMS24 hours50

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

MMS typeTime windowTk./ MMS
Other operators (robi)24 hours5

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

3. Can i set any FNF or special FNF in this package?
Ans: Yes, you can set 1 special FNF in this package.

4. How can i add special FNF?
Ans: To add special FNF dial *166*7*number#.

5. How can i replace special FNF?
Ans: To replace special FNF number dial *166*8*old number*new number#.

6. How can i check my current special FNF numbers?
ans: To check special FNF number dial *166*10#.

7. How frequently can i change this package?
Ans: Once every 7 days.

8. How frequently can i change FNF?
Ans: You can change each FNF once every 15 days.

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