0.55p/s to SFNF
18 FNF
29 p/SMS

Banglalink Play

Get playing with Banglalink play, the best package for young guns. Enjoy 18 FNF to all operators, and the best rate of 0.55 paisa/sec to a special Banglalink number.

Banglalink play highlights:

  • Type “p” & send free SMS to 9999
  • Get 18 FNF (any operator) with best FNF rates in the market. Talk to one special fnf at 0.55 paisa/sec
  • Send SMS to fnf and special FNF number at only 29p/SMS. Send MMS to all Banglalink number
  • At 29p/MMS as well
  • Gift data pack between members of this package

Frequently asked questions:

01. How can i enjoy this package?
Ans: If you are a prepaid customer (except e-voucher), you can enjoy this package by just typing p and sending SMS to 9999 (free). You can also dial *999*1*147# (free)

02. What is the tariff plan of Banglalink play?
Ans: SD,VAT and SC are applicable for the rates below:

Call TypeCall WindowTariff
Banglalink to Banglalink12am-4pm22p/10sec
Banglalink to Banglalink FNF12am-4pm1.1p/sec
Banglalink to Other Operator12am-4pm22p/10 sec
4pm-12am27p/10 sec
Banglalink to Other Operator FNF24 hours11 p/10 sec
S-FNF (Banglalink)24 hours0.55p/sec

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

SMS typeTime WindowPaisa/ SMS
FNF and special FNF24 hours29
Other local SMS24 hours50

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

SMS typeTime WindowPaisa/ SMS
FNF and special FNF24 hours29
Other local SMS24 hours50

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

MMS TypeTime WindowTaka/ MMS
Banglalink (with FNF and special FNF)24 hours0.29
Other operators (robi)24 hours5

*SD, VAT and SC applicable

03. How many FNF and special FNF can i set?
Ans: You can add 18 numbers of any local mobile operator as FNF and 1 Banglalink special FNF

04. How can i add FNF and special FNF?
Ans: To add FNF dial ‘*166*11*number#’ and to add special FNF dial ‘*166*7*number#’

05. How can i replace fnf and special FNF?
Ans: To replace FNF number dial ‘*166*12*old number*new number#’. To replace special FNF number dial ‘*166*8*old number*new number#’

06. How can i remove my current FNF or special FNF numbers?
Ans: To remove FNF number dial ‘*166*13*number#’, and to remove special FNF number dial ‘*166*9*number#’

07. How can i check my current FNF and special FNF numbers?
Ans: To check FNF number dial *166*14# and to check special FNF number dial *166*10#

08. How can i enjoy free facebook browsing?
Ans: From your handset’s default browser type 0.facebook.com. In case of using other proxy rendering browsers like opera or blackberry browser data charge will be applicable. In case of viewing any rich content (photo, videos etc.) and in case of going to another website link from facebook, data charges will apply

9. How can i enjoy daily 300 sms at tk. 5 per day?
Ans: To subscribe for 300 SMS at tk. 5 dial *222*4# . To unsubscribe from SMS pack dial *222*5#

10. How can i send internet pack gift to a friend? what is the charge?
Ans: You need to dial *132*15*receiver number#. You will be charged tk 2 (SD + VAT + SC will be applicable) for this but your friend will not be charged anything. You can only send the gift to another member of Banglalink play package

11. Can i enjoy other offers from this package?
Ans: To enjoy other special tariff and new SIM recharge bonus you need to migrate to other package

12. How frequently can i change this package?
Ans: This is allowed once every 7 days

13. How frequently can i change FNF and special FNF?
Ans: Each FNF or special FNF can be changed once every 15 days

14. How can i check remaining SMS and data balance?
Ans: To check SMS balance, dial *124*3# and to check data balance, dial *222*3#

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